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People must think I’m crazy to want to go towards the pain. But in my experience, the pain is the pathway to an ever-deepening peace.

I still remember when I laid my hands on the kitchen bench in terror that if I let my feelings of depression come, I thought I would drown, be swallowed up and die.

Instead, the most miraculous thing happened. I didn’t die, the sensations in my body came and then they subsided like a wave on the shore.

It took me 23 years to have the courage to let my feelings come. And I put my courage down to understanding the Kiloby Inquiries.

I had no idea how to feel my feelings. I was terrified of feeling them so I stayed in my head instead… as if that was the better option!

Working with the Kiloby Inquiries has given me a scaffolding to process my pain, discomfort, fears and beliefs that feel stuck.

The effect? Peace. Freedom. Love. Bliss. Presence. Patience. Clarity. A lightness.

Book an Inner Work session so you can learn the Kiloby Inquiries and feel free too.

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