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When you sign up to the Diamond Mentorship, you will be held in a safe, sacred space to do the light and shadow work, so you can find the power inside of you and create magic in your life.


Free yourself from 'I'm not enough.'

Be you, unapologetically.

Live with your heart open and spirit wild.

Grow pleasure through your body.


Clear your mind.

Follow your intuition.

Be heard and seen and lead us into the world you dream.


Choose you.

Stop playing small.

Devote yourself to alchemy and desire to light up the world in, and around you.

Stay focused. Stay true.

Be kept accountable.

Be clear.

Step up.

Step in.


Breathe wild and rapid transformation.

Spread your message and your life's work.

Receive diamond light, energetic upgrades.


Be the magic!


Dissolve the heaviness and anxiety and be the powerful leader you were born to be.

You are here for a reason.

And you're not here to play small.


Be an unshakeable presence in the world.

Leave love as your legacy.

Whether it's a book, a more authentic version of yourself, a Tedx talk or another wild idea, I will help you make your magic happen.

Gifts You Will Receive

  • 10 x 90-minute 1:1 Sessions with me

    Inner work (KI), energy work or strategy sessions. Online or in-person. You choose. 

  • Audio Message Support

    Have me in your pocket between your sessions. Get support and guidance whenever you need it, shift through resistance quicker and make more magic.

Magic I've helped create with other people are...

Ted talks, books, 12k launches, online programs, becoming speakers, healers and abundant soul workers and healing anxiety and depression.


"I truly believe that writing a book is 80% moving through limiting beliefs and 20% writing. Thank you Bronte for helping me move through that 80% so I could actually write my book, ready myself for launching, and embody the author and healer that is ready to be seen, heard and celebrated."
– Ellie Schroeder, Creative Director for your Soul, Intuitive Energy Alchemist


"Bronte just creates this magic and it makes me laugh and smile. I'm delighted by her all the time."

- A. Goodfellow, Tedx Speaker, Conference Speaker

"When Bronte is in tune, magic happens. She leaves me feeling so inspired, so light and the most full of life that I could almost imagine."

- Sophie Cameron

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Sign up to the Diamond Mentorship and get the Learn to Feel and Heal Course for free.

This will show you a quick way to process the density of your 'darker' thoughts and feelings so you can embody more light.

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