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Have your community walk away with relief and inspiration.


I love showing others there is a way out of depression, anxiety and general feelings of upset. I share my personal story of overcoming depression with open authenticity to inspire others and help them realise they too can overcome mental and emotional challenges with simple techniques. I teach advanced mindfulness and emotional intelligence to adults and children so they have the essential tools for mental health and emotional wellbeing at any stage of their lives.

"Bronte is an engaging and motivating speaker. She engages her audience through her personal story, her knowledge and her belief in her path."

- Gina Macauley, Yogahara

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Your community will feel like a weight has been lifted.

Ex-Primary/Special Ed. Teacher, Advanced Meditation Teacher and Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator, Bronte uses her down-to-earth nature to help individuals collapse negative self-identities, one person at a time, through simple techniques that are available to anyone.

Award-winning writer and published author, Bronte speaks the wisdom that comes from trying to escape twenty-two years of depression and dissolving her mental illness with the simple act of turning towards what terrified her.

"Bronte had such a wonderfully present style that we felt instantly calm in the space."

Leanne Grogan, La Trobe University, Bendigo

Keynote Topics

  • Mental Health: Resilience through Emotional Intelligence
  • Overworked: Removing Exhaustion from Work-Related Stress
  • Trauma-Informed: Advanced Mindfulness as a Contemporary Approach
  • Compassionate Leadership: Effective Teams through Authenticity, Empathy and Compassion
  • Addiction to Technology: Self-Awareness for Healthy Relationships
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I have heard many speakers at large events in my time and when I heard Bronte speak I knew I needed her to speak at one of our ‘Extraordinary Women’ events. Bronte is one of those amazing women who can help us believe in ourselves, help us feel hope that not all is lost and it’s possible to get from pain and limited self-worth to compassion, grace and a feeling of being enough. 

What blew me away was Bronte’s honesty and integrity as she shared her raw and real journey. Having walked the path of fear and pain Bronte shows us how life can be phenomenal with our hearts filled with peace, tranquility and so much love where we feel comfortable in our own authentic self. Bronte addresses issues of self-doubt, insecurities and fears beautifully. She is authentic, genuine, heart-centred and an inspiration to us all, nearby and afar.

Jody Duncan

Extraordinary Women

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