Have your community walk away with relief and inspiration.

There is a way out of depression and anxiety.

Listen to my own personal story of overcoming depression and learn the latest neuroscience on why interoception, feeling your feelings, is becoming the answer to mental health for many all over the world.

I share my vulnerability to inspire others and give them hope so they too can find a way out of depression and anxiety.

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"Bronte is an engaging and motivating speaker. She engages her audience through her personal story, her knowledge and her belief in her path."

- Gina Macauley, Yogahara

"Bronte had such a wonderfully present style that we felt instantly calm in the space."

- Leanne Grogan
La Trobe University, Bendigo

Your community will feel like a weight has been lifted.

Teacher and Author, Bronte uses her down-to-earth nature to help people feel safe and comfortable with their thoughts and feelings.

Award-winning writer and published author, Bronte speaks the wisdom that comes from trying to escape twenty-two years of depression and dissolving her mental illness with the simple act of turning towards what terrified her, her pain from the past. A set of advanced mindfulness or self-inquiry tools, called the Kiloby Inquiries gave her the capacity to feel safe to resolve her childhood trauma and heal her depression.

Workshop Topics

  • Five Steps to Student Engagement and Mental Health (without adding to your workload or burning you out): In two hours, learn the neuroscience behind student disengagement and get classroom strategies for teachers to implement straight away to help their students focus and engage in learning and in life.


  • Staff Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing: Address burnout and boost morale with this eight-session series giving your staff practical tools to recover post-COVID, overcome their overwhelm and regroup as a cohesive, inspired and innovative team.


  • Five Ways to Ease Your Child's Raging Emotions, Anxiety and Depression (without pushing you away or burning you out): A¬†two-hour course for parents, who are tired of their child not listening and looking for practical ways to help their child cooperate, regulate their emotions and ease their anxiety and depression.
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"I certainly had anxiety at different stages and perhaps was unaware to what extent or how it shaped my opinions, impacted my parenting and other areas of my life until reading your book and listening to your podcast."

- J. S.

It's Okay to Cry - Podcast

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