Healing Session

Alchemise past pain into peace and pleasure and walk away with clarity, inspiration and purpose.

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3-hour in-person

Powerful healing from the inside out.

A healing session helps you accept and release mental and emotional pain, confusion, doubt, negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

And it gives you peace and confidence in who you are, wisdom from within, and power and courage to step forward towards what you really want. You'll walk away feeling lighter, clearer and freer.

Your Healing Session will be guided by Bronte Spicer (16 years' experience as a Reiki/Energy Intuitive, Guide and Healer)

  • First, we'll meet and decide on the intention and focus for your session with a cup of chai or cacao.

  • Next, you will be safely guided to heal past wounds with mindfulness and somatic inquiry and spiritually connect, with intuitive sound and movement.

  • Finally, we will share the insights and messages we received for you to walk away feeling lighter and clearer.


“This is the most powerful healing I’ve had.”

"Bronte opened doors for me and helped close many that have been hidden and unseen for decades."

"Bronte is a truly gifted and practical healer and facilitator."

"My sessions have transformed my life."

“The energy Bronte works with is gentle, yet profound and creates real life changes incredibly quickly.”

"I no longer feel like there's something wrong with me."

"I would never have done a Tedx talk without your encouragement and support. Your wisdom and guidance made this dream a reality."

“This has helped me connect to my intuitive gifts on a much deeper level.”

“Listening to Bronte speak light language has been awe-inspiring.”

"This taught me to allow the feelings to arise and process."

"After decades of countless appointments with psychologists, these tools are more effective than any other methods."

"This is the first thing I've encountered that I would consider a cure for anxiety."

"This has given me the skills and courage to welcome in all of my feelings - even the painful and scary ones."

"This has and will continue to change my life for the better."

"I am calmer about challenging situations knowing these tools."

"Using the tools is easy when difficult moments arise. It can diffuse situations quickly."

"I cope with moments of sadness better. I don't suppress anymore."

"Thanks to Bronte, I wrote my book and embodied the healer that is ready to be seen, heard and celebrated."

Book a session

3-hour in-person

Powerful healing from the inside out.