Light Intelligence

Explore your multi-dimensionality, activate your DNA and speak your light codes from your seated power.

You are a change maker, light bringer and way shower and you know there’s so much intelligence inside of you.

But you haven’t had the chance to really go within.

Maybe there's no time, maybe you're stuck watching what everyone else is doing or maybe you just know you need to go deeper than what you've been doing.

It's time to say 'yes' to yourself, go inside and retrieve the gold that's residing in you.

Say ‘yes’ to bringing all parts of you to life. You'll locate your starseed origins, get intimate with your multi-dimensionality and remember your ancient tribal self. Then you will find a voice for this multi-faceted, high-vibrational being that you are in a way that affects great change on the planet. 

You will feel a freedom you've never felt before and activate your audience.

Light Intelligence will reconnect you with those aspects of you that have felt lost, hidden or too far away and you will start knowing yourself as the Akashic Records where you can access higher consciousness and receive clearer messages with a simple command. 

In Light Intelligence, you will receive eight fortnightly DNA Activations which will have a profound effect on all areas of your life. This will rethread your DNA so your light codes that have laid dormant in your field will switch on and you will see your infinite potential and higher timelines with ease. 

Life will become a celebration where you are in the spotlight exuding your divinity, grace, beauty and magnetism. Speaking light language will become normal and you will realise the sheer power you hold in this privileged life on planet Earth to support the great awakening!

You will learn how to sit in your power and speak your divine messages with clarity and love, rather than fear or anxiety.

Your work will shift in a dramatic way, your audience will light up in front of you and you will be doing the work you’ve always wanted to. 

You won’t be floundering on Earth, feeling lost or not knowing what to do or which way to go. Doors will swing open for you as fears fall away and your heart expands more. 

Self-sabotage will drop off and retrieving your deeper divine intelligence will become effortless. You will say ‘no’ to the daily distractions and say ‘yes’ to that call to go within. 

You will strengthen your connection with the light communities and councils who want to work with you and you will watch your work transform before your eyes. 

You'll learn how to weave your essence with the kundalini serpent and speak the integral information that is here for humanity.

You'll master your light with the earth, sun and stars and realise your own beauty. You'll remember how supported you are and claim your role of supporting Gaia herself. You have a voice and a choice to manipulate great change on this planet. No more keeping parts of yourself hidden. It’s time to be seen and heard from a place of knowing who you are and who you have been. 

You will study your light body, its sacred sites and grid systems and those of Mother Gaia so you see yourself and this planet with a new set of eyes, so you walk down the street with your head up and your whole self received.

The Orions will be working closely with you as custodians for this epic advanced energy work group program, Light Intelligence. They are here to help you remember and reclaim more of who you are at a ninth-dimensional level so you can laugh, have fun and love yourself more as a light bringer, change maker and way shower.

Let's do this!

Course Outline

  • CALL ONE: Connect with the intelligence in your light body

    Go beyond the chakras and explore the detail of your light body.

  • CALL TWO: Meet the golden gateways in your light body and access higher-dimensional consciousness

    Discover the sacred sites in your light body and be led to expanded libraries of knowledge. 

  • CALL THREE: Walk through the star gates to find your starseed origins

    Remember your star roots and meet the light councils and communities who want to work through you and in harmony with you. 

  • CALL FOUR: Unashamedly accept and embrace your power and knowledge within

    Remember where you've been, where you've come from and learn how to speak from a place of power. 

  • CALL FIVE: Weave the serpent with your knowledge and bring the power of your words to the world

    Use kundalini to speak your information so it activates the codes of light in others. 

  • CALL SIX: Channel light codes for yourself and others

    Learn the intuitive process to channeling light codes and effortlessly record the messages from each code. 

  • CALL SEVEN: Begin speaking light language

    Experience the love and joy that comes from the ancient practice of speaking the languages of light. 

  • CALL EIGHT: Celebrate your unique light in sacred ceremony

    Receive yourself as your most incredible gift and see that others around reflect your light.

Course Material

You will receive eight downloadable video training plus:

  • eight DNA Activations
  • light codes and channeled messages
  • light language audio guide


Bronte’s work is ‘next level’ for those who feel called to her work and are ready for the next step on their spiritual journey. The energy Bronte works with is gentle, yet profound and creates real life changes incredibly quickly.

- Claire McFee, Your Truth Compass

Thank you Bronte for this course. It has been awe inspiring, informative and supportive. I have loved our calls and listening to you speak light language.

- Lisa Kingston

Thank you so much Bronte for your love and your guidance through what has been nothing short of incredible what I have grown and evolved with out of this time spent with you is incredible and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Stella Rose

This course has helped me immensely to connect to my intuitive gifts on a much deeper level. What were gifts that came randomly, I feel now much more aware of and in choice around when and where I become a channel.
I feel that this is the main reason I was called to this course. To be able to harness and activate this channelling ability when I am teaching.
- Hannah Ashley

It’s time to channel the deeper intelligence you have within.

Know yourself as a clear golden channel.

Walk away from this sacred immersion feeling blown away by the incredible information you have within you. Feel invigorated as you speak your innate knowledge and activate your growing audience.

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