You're not broken. The mental health system is.

Bronte experienced depression for twenty years before finding the missing piece to the mental health model.

She was a teacher for ten years, became a mother and studied to become an advanced meditation teacher to give herself, her students and her clients some mental relief.

It wasn't until she stumbled across the Kiloby Inquiries, a set of applied mindfulness techniques that her depression collapsed and she overcame mental illness.

While she was given talk therapy and encouraged to think positively, somatic awareness and learning how to safely feel her emotions was her answer.

The latest findings on trauma shows trauma is stored in the body. People with mental illness need tailored support to feel safe in their bodies and to develop emotional and body intelligence. 

Bronte became a Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator and began teaching individuals, students and staff how to apply mindfulness to painful memories and stress about the future so they could overcome mental illness and limiting beliefs too.

Learn the techniques to overcome depression, anxiety and overwhelm in BEYOND BELIEF. Book trauma-informed staff wellbeing professional development for your school or workplace.

Have Bronte Spicer be a guest speaker at your student assembly to hear her inspiring story of overcoming depression.

Book the KI for Kids Student Wellbeing Program for your school so your students develop emotional intelligence, mental health, emotional regulation, attention span and healthy relationships from a young age. 

Bronte holds life-changing retreats across Australia, loves to teach sole traders how to follow their intuition and grow their dream business and she comes alive speaking at spiritual festivals and holding Sacred Earth Gatherings on djadjawurrung country.

Bronte is a published author in the celebrated collaboration ‘More Than a Mum’. She is an award-winning author for Elephant Journal and her own book 'It's Okay to Cry' will be released in Mental Health Awareness Week in October 2021. You can listen to her podcast in the meantime. 

Follow her on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for her latest events and resources.

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