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Prosperity Consciousness 4

Everywhere we go right now, we are being confronted with fear and lack. There's not enough time, not enough money, not enough love and support... we are living in a world of not enoughness.

Stories about not having enough time, money and resources are plaguing our minds and separating us from the truth of what’s available.

In 2019, the term ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ came to me during meditation and I received a powerful download that formed a massive shift in my life.

Instantly, I understood how I had been searching in the wrong places for abundance and prosperity and I was shown the direct way to connect and remember that I AM prosperity consciousness.

Then, I was given the perfect teachers in the physical, to show me the practical tools I needed to one-by-one, wash away the stories of lack in my head.

I had to sit with this shift for a long time before I created this course to share with you personally, everything I know about prosperity consciousness.

In Prosperity Consciousness you will learn:

  • how to connect with and experience the depth and expansion of prosperity consciousness in your own energy field
  • the fundamental tools to watch those stubborn poverty-driven stories fall away
  • how to move out of poverty quicker and rest back into prosperity more easily.

The work you will do in this course will be potent and is likely to alter the way you see yourself, your potential and the potential of the world.

Course Outline

  • Step 1: Energy Work

    Learn how to connect with the deeper layers of prosperity consciousness in your own energy field.

  • Step 2: Inner Work

    Learn how to find the root cause of your fear-based stories and know how to see the stories dissolve.

  • Step 3: Daily Play

    Learn the simple practices that help you jump out of stress sooner throughout your day and return back to a peaceful freedom more easily.

  • Step 4: Reflective Play

    Learn how your life shifts as you embody prosperity consciousness and celebrate it!

Course Material

You will receive:

  • four downloadable training videos to give you the knowledge and practical tools you need.
  • meditations, light codes and energy transmissions to help you open to the intelligence of prosperity consciousness.

It’s time to know how to work with the power of your energy field and know the practical tools that work on the physical level, so you feel safe, supported, free and at peace at these times.


"The results have been truly life changing."

- Joe Fitzgibbon

"It's the first thing that I've encountered that works."

- Olivier Lefebvre

"My KI Sessions have transformed my life."

- Hannah Ashley

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