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Deep listening

It’s not listening to your mental dialogue. It’s listening to the person in front of you. It’s holding you both in this energetic container of love where they are being received and welcomed just as they are.

Deep listening can be uncomfortable. We can have surges of compulsion wanting to chime in, redirect them to something happier or help them in some way. But when we do that, we are severing this energetic container of love, we are not meeting them where they are and they don’t feel heard.

Deep listening includes long pauses for the other person to say more. Deep listening includes you not speaking. Deep listening excludes your advice. Deep listening even excludes you telling them how awesome they are. Deep listening gives the person the space and time they need to arrive at what’s really at the heart of the situation.

Deep listening gives the person space to be themselves. Deep listening allows their emotions to rise and fall. Deep listening gifts the person a pathway to their own clarity and inner knowing. They don’t want advice and they don’t need saving. They just want to be heard, in their mess, without the feeling that they need to change. That’s where they arrive at realising they are enough, just as they are, where they feel loved, accepted and like they belong.

It takes practice to listen deeply and this is a fundamental skill you will learn in Sacred Circle Holder. You will learn how to master this skill so your circles can go deeper and you can witness the raw, vulnerable magic in your participants as they experience being heard, sometimes for the first time. Let’s go deeper and take your work further. Join me in this life-changing course Sacred Circle Holder.