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Episode 15 – Beyond Belief with Lisa Slayo

For those that have followed the journey alongside Bronte Spicer and the It’s Okay to Cry Podcast, you can recognise how Bronte became so tired of the constant battle and the never-ending struggle at the lowest point of her depression. While it was a dark, lonely, and painful existence, it has also prompted Bronte to make significant changes, break the cycle and safely face and heal from childhood wounds. Alongside the growth on the other side of darkness, came BEYOND BELIEF. BEYOND BELIEF is a six-month journey to healing which helps you learn how to let go of depression, anxiety and deep-seated negative beliefs. This episode is a question and answer format from Lisa Slayo, a recent member in the program, as she reflects on her experience.

Listen as Bronte and Lisa explore:The potential to achieve within BEYOND BELIEF and changing stories we have held as our identity (sometimes for our entire lives). How ruminating thoughts, negative thinking, repetitive behaviours and a real experience of learning a body-based approach in BEYOND BELIEF. Ways in which our physical body can react to depression and anxiety, sometimes without us knowing, such as a really tight jaw and headaches. Practical examples of what you can do differently to let go of anxiety and depression.

It is both humbling and inspiring to hear Lisa’s experiences within BEYOND BELIEF. ThIS straight-forward reflection is motivational and helps others walk out of mental illness and into inner peace and freedom.

To find out more about the program please visit and connect with Bronte to find out more.