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Episode 11 – It’s Okay to Feel it All with Sere Roe

What happens when we accept all aspects of us? Feel into all experiences, sensations and stop trying to fit ourselves into an unrealistic portrayal that is put before us? Sere Roe joins Bronte on the Podcast for a deep dive into a powerful, moving and beautiful conversation about:experiencing suffering in order to move trauma through the body staying with body sensations and being with thoughts from a place of compassion and acceptance when we are told what to do rather than being asked to actually be someone. challenging the law of attraction and allowing things to flow in several different ways.

Plus so many moments of connection, inspiration and motivation in sharing experiences and stories together within this conversation.

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Bronte’s latest book, It’s Okay to Cry, provides a profound insight into how living with depression can look and feel and shines a light on how taking a body-based approach can change your life.

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