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Episode 7 – The Human Body’s Need for Connection with Angela MacLeod

In this episode we have Angela MacLeod back. She’s a Certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator, Certified Holden Qiqong Instructor and Certified Embodied Processing Practitioner. Living with a chronic dysregulated nervous system is draining and can result in feelings of suffering and suppressed emotions. Angela shares her experiences with overcoming a difficult childhood and learning to express emotions in order to heal herself. In this episode we talk about:How to improve relationships (with both yourself and others) through new knowledge about co-regulation, circuits, and connection. Awareness and how to re-establish connections in their bodies The way chronic stress affects an individual’s life including fight, flight, fawn, shutdown and people pleasing. The importance of being aware, connected and present which is not always easy while parenting children or dealing with other people’s triggers.

Learn more about Angela and her work via her website

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