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If your school is dedicated to fostering resilience in your learners but you see some students struggling to stay resilient, this trauma-informed and science-based professional development workshop gives your teachers:

  • understanding of why positive behaviour supports and solution-based planning for the future isn't always successful in students
  • practical classroom strategies to help these students build their inner capacity for resilience.
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Your students with a lack of resilience may be:

  • Sensitive, lacking confidence and feeling like a failure, saying 'I'm dumb'
  • Overwhelmed and withdrawing from their learning, saying 'I can't do it'
  • Lethargic and shutting down, saying 'Why should I bother?'
  • Hyperactive, agitated, anxious and not being able to focus
  • Disruptive, 'acting out' and defiant in the classroom
  • Reluctant to contribute to class discussions and engage in extra-curricular activities
  • Facing challenges with friendships or feeling shame and jealousy of others
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In this workshop your teachers will explore:

  • The latest neuroscience on trauma, the brain and the body and how this affects student learning
  • The three parts to a student's experience that inhibits their capacity for resilience
  • Simple 30-second classroom strategies to help students regulate their nervous system, manage their negative thoughts and process intense emotions.
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"This workshop showed me what's really going on under the surface of the students who lack resilience. I can see it's essential for students to feel their feelings and with these techniques it's achievable for them."

- Kerrieanne Hocking, Golden Square Primary School

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With the latest research, a deeper understanding and simple strategies your teachers will help their students lift their capacity to be resilient in their learning and in life.

My name is Bronte Spicer and I am a Teacher and Mindfulness Specialist. I teach staff, students, adults and children a body-based approach to processing their negative sense of self and painful memories to increase their resilience and improve their mental health. I bring my wisdom from twenty years of lived experience with mental illness, my professional career as a classroom teacher and further study in meditation, advanced mindfulness and nervous system resilience to this workshop. I am an award-winner author at Elephant Journal and author of celebrated collaboration More Than a Mum. My own book It's Okay to Cry, The Gentle Way to Dissolving Depression will be released in Mental Health Awareness Week in October 2021. Check out my podcast It's Okay to Cry to learn more or find me on social media.

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The cost of this two-hour workshop for teaching staff is $450 per school. Please contact Bronte Spicer at or 0478927896 to discuss or book this workshop for your school.