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I'm exhausted.

I don't even care anymore.

It's all too much.

If these are things you think sometimes, you're in the right place.

It’s normal for everyone to be sad and want to cry from time to time, but when you are exhausted trying to get through each day, holding it together, staying positive for everyone around you, information on the latest neuroscience and practical tools can help you stop being depressed everyday and start feeling better, lighter and like yourself again.

Understand the neuroscience behind depression and the steps to heal it.

With a trauma-informed approach and up-to-date research, you will walk away with simple tools you can put in place straight away to get out of your dark hole and enjoy life again.

A Somatic Self Inquiry Workshop with Simple Tools for Everyday People

With Bronte Spicer

4pm Monday 19th September 2023 online via Zoom. Don't worry, the replay will be available.

How this class will help you dissolve your depression:

If you're tired of feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you want to have more energy, feel genuinely upbeat about life and not get consumed by your dark thoughts or overwhelming sense of hopelessness and sadness, this 90-minute class gives you:

An understanding of your nervous system and where depression comes from. 

The one question to ask, to get to the bottom of your depression.

The three steps you can take to process your thoughts and feelings and dissolve your depression.

What does depression look and sound like?

You will benefit from this workshop if you are:

Exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted with no energy.

Lacking motivation, direction, purpose or joy.

Feeling hopeless, helpless or useless.

Feel like your drowning and trying to keep your head above water.

Feeling like you can't get yourself out of a big black hole.

Find it hard to speak to others because you don't want to be a burden.

Ready to dissolve your depression?

About Bronte Spicer – teacher and author

After twenty years of lived experience with depression, I found the missing piece to my mental health.

My name is Bronte Spicer, I'm a teacher and author of It's Okay to Cry - The Gentle Way to Dissolving Depression. I teach parents and teachers how to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing with somatic-based self-inquiry tools called the Kiloby Inquiries.

I bring my wisdom from twenty years of lived experience with depression, my professional career as a classroom and special education teacher, further study in meditation, advanced mindfulness, trauma and nervous system resilience to this class.

If you're a teacher or educator, download my free ebook to learn how to teach students how to feel their emotions. I’m an award-winner writer for Elephant Journal and host to my podcast It's Okay to Cry. To absorb my passion and to grab real-life tips on fostering mental health in both families and classrooms, you can find me on social media.

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"After decades of countless appointments with psychologists I have found these tools more effective and helpful than any other methods."

- Amanda Goodfellow

"I cope with sadness better now. I don't suppress it."

- Pam Gracie

"The results have been life changing, I use the tools daily, easily. My mental health continually improves because of it."

- Joe Fitzgibbon

You are an incredible human Bronte, the work we are doing has profoundly changed my life. I never ever thought this could be possible.
- Pat Indo

I can help you ease your depression.