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Its Ok To Cry

Many teachers may feel like they are stuck in ‘surviving’ – with ‘thriving’ nowhere in sight. Teachers have been under immense pressure, overwhelmed and struggling with mental health and wellbeing, particularly over recent years. Finding a work-life balance is difficult.

Help staff ease overwhelm, anxiety and depression with My BodyMIND Staff Wellbeing and give your team vital strategies to look after their mental health.

My BodyMIND Staff Wellbeing is evidence-based advanced mindfulness and self-inquiry support based on a somatic approach to mental health, engaging the latest neuroscience on the mind, body, brain and behaviour.

How does it work?

Research shows to reach our true potential in our professional and personal lives, the emotions in our bodies must be experienced on a visceral level. Somatic awareness, or interoception builds our capacity to feel safe with our challenging, thoughts and feelings without being consumed by them, thereby improving resilience, mental clarity, decision-making, workplace relationships, team morale and so much more.

My BodyMIND Staff Wellbeing equips your staff with highly-practical emotional intelligence tools to process and let go of overwhelming thoughts and feelings of failure, anxiety, hurt and burnout, using somatic awareness, nervous system regulation, advanced mindfulness, compassion, acceptance and self-inquiry so they are socially engaged, peacefully productive and emotionally available members of your team.

With a 'BodyMIND' approach, your staff will be able to identify what drives their workplace overwhelm and stress and learn practical and effective tools to process their own work-related issues, reactive triggers, negative self-talk and personal problems that feed into the workplace.

How will it help?

Whether it’s managing difficult behaviours in the classroom, having confronting conversations at parent-teacher interviews or tackling report-writing time, your staff will walk away from My BodyMIND Staff Wellbeing with a direct, practical approach to processing their own thoughts and emotions, reducing anxiety and depression and managing everyday triggers.

Staff Wellbeing will help your staff to:

  • Be emotionally available for their students
  • Positively collaborate with their colleagues
  • Find ways to switch off from work and refresh the mind
  • Avoid stress and burning out
  • Build peaceful productivity
  • Improve staff morale
  • Develop better relationships with parents
  • Manage student behaviour with a clear mind
  • Meet report writing timelines with more ease
  • Solve professional issues with respect, initiative and innovation
  • Increase work success, satisfaction and fulfillment.
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The Program

This program is designed for 4-8 hours of in-person workshop time together, in one day or across multiple days, to suit your timetable.

My BodyMIND covers the seven AITSL Teacher Standards.

Staff Wellbeing Program Highlights


    Learn the new findings on trauma, the brain and the body and how a 'BodyMIND' approach boosts the wellbeing of all staff.


    Learn simple nervous system regulation techniques to calm the mind, relax the body and prepare staff to listen to and be emotionally available for themselves, their students, colleagues and families. 


    Identify the root drivers of personal and professional issues using two key concepts and recognise where an issue stems from. 


    Learn the three-step model to meet, greet and treat your thoughts and feelings like friends so your staff can process any current issue or unresolved challenge from the past and then return to work with clarity.


    Develop emotional intelligence, increase emotional awareness and experience body intelligence for emotional regulation for self, students and colleagues.


    Receive free online access to our self-paced course with videos, downloadable resources and audio guides for additional support to improve staff wellbeing beyond our in-person work together.

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About Bronte Spicer

Teacher, Author, Speaker.

It's my pleasure to bring wisdom from overcoming twenty-two years of depression, my professional career as a classroom and special education teacher, and further study in advanced mindfulness, trauma and nervous system resilience to My BodyMIND Staff Wellbeing.

I’m an award-winner author at Elephant Journal and author of
It's Okay to Cry: The Gentle Way to Dissolving Depression.

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It's Okay to Cry

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