Sacred Earth Medicine Ritual.

Find your power through the medicine of the earth.

Have you been getting the call to connect more deeply with mother earth?

Gather your things, step into nature and let me show you how to imbibe the medicine of the earth so you are full and overflowing with her, so you know you are as gloriously powerful as her and you see the full beauty that you are when you're in harmony with mother earth.

No longer do you need to be depleted, putting everyone else first, and running on empty trying to make things happen. You can relax and let mother Gaia hold you and show you the easy way.

Learn how to use your own medicine within, using the energy and elements of the earth and use this power to create magic in your life.

Be a visible breath-taking presence, confident and certain in the world with crystal clear boundaries so you can fall into divine flow with the abundance that is all around you.

Feel deep pleasure as you openly express the real you, unbound, untamed and wildly birth yourself and your deep desires with the potent force of nature.


Our Journey Together


    Learn ten potent earth-based rituals to connect you to and open you up to embodying the medicine of the earth.


    Listen to and keep the recordings of my light language to amplify your intuitive wisdom, medicine and power.


    Receive two light codes and their corresponding messages to have the earth's sacred wisdom revealed to you. 


    Feel the love and be supported by myself and others as you create magic with your most delicious desires. 


    Go deeper into embodying the power of the earth with regular connection from our Facebook group. 

Immerse yourself in:

  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Sacred Dance and Medicine Drumming
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Tree Speak and Light Language
  • Sensual Pleasure and Women's Blood Medicine
  • Grids, Portals and Song Lines
  • Local Sacred Sites and Earth Healing
  • Ancestral Wisdom and Rock Knowledge
  • Moon Medicine and Animal Magic
  • Mandala Art and Feather Wands
  • Weaving Ritual into Everyday

And more...


Thank you so much Bronte I love everything you taught in this course and the powerful activations🙏it was such a beautiful journey!💚 My connection with Mother Earth is deeper, I am more aware of her beautiful nurturing energy and also of all nature's elements. I got my sacred cacao and love it, also I play my medicine drum more often during the day when I take short breaks and feel balanced and energised! Thank you! 🙏 and look forward to witnessing your amazing journey - Daniela Godfrey.

Let's get started!

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