Training One Premium Packages For Peace & Prosperity 'create' Build No Fuss High End Mentorship Packages That Will Have The Consistent Income You Want Fall Into Your Lap.

Whether you're transitioning from your current job to your business, or struggling to get your current business off the ground...

Come and learn the strategies to enrol more clients to make your business profitable.

It's so hard when you know you have so much to offer to people but you can't find any clients, you have trouble charging for your sessions and you're not sure if your business will ever get off the ground.

You might feel icky and salesy when talking about 'business' but deep down you know you want to help people.

What if I told you there is a way to help people, that doesn't trick them into anything, but gives them the opportunity to heal and transform their life just like you have?

Premium Packages for Peace and Prosperity is a six-month mentoring program for you to package your magic and have people say 'yes' to working with you so you can do the work you love doing.


Five Training Sessions


    Build no-fuss mentorship packages that will have the consistent income you want arrive in your bank account.


    Get clear on pricing and feel confident with your package prices. 


    Learn how to use free marketing on social media so you more people hear your important message for the world.


    Fine-tune your implementation so your dream clients say ‘yes’ to your mentorship packages.

  • RISE

    Overcome comparisonitis, playing small and fears of being seen and step into helping more people, as your intelligent self and a mentor worth working with.

Get the five training sessions, easy-to-use resources, bonus training videos and scripts, fortnightly (bi-weekly) group coaching calls (via Zoom) over six months and a Facebook group to have all of your questions answered. Plus feel inspired by the other supportive people on the same journey as you in the group.

When you implement the strategies you learn in this course your business will be profitable.

"My business would not be where it is without Bronte." - Amanda Goodfellow, Agile Mind

"I have doubled my income this financial year! This would not have been possible without you." - Johannah Ashley, Iyashi Acupuncture


UPGRADE WITH GOLD PASS: Receive unlimited 1:1 mentoring from me via free audio message app so you can enrol more clients.

All video trainings and homework is accessed via our membership page. Additional resources are kept in the Facebook group. There are group mentoring calls (which are recorded) every other Monday and Thursday 7:30am AEDT/Sunday 3pm Pacific Time.

Not sure?

If you think it will be helpful, book a quick consult with me, even if you walk away a bit clearer on where you're headed, and I'll put 10-15 minutes aside for you...

Are you ready to make your business profitable? 

I can't wait to see you in there!!