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Episode 13 – Embracing all Parts of the Opposites with Ellie Schroeder

Bronte Spicer and Ellie Schroeder have exchanged endless dialogues, over many hours. This conversation is yet another cohesive celebration which really highlights their friendship. In fact, Ellie recently worked alongside Bronte for the cover of It’s Okay to Cry. Listen as Bronte and Ellie discuss:The power of polarity and accepting all parts of and holding both of our opposites. Creating alignment with our intentions and connecting to our true potential. How motherhood can trigger like a ticking time bomb. Connecting to the triad of sensations through the Kiloby Inquiries.

The strength in this conversation is limitless and the connection between two individuals feels like home. To find out more about Ellie you can visit and to read more from the book It’s Okay to Cry you can visit