Thrive Education Professional Development (2)

If you're wondering what to do about the students who are struggling in class with depression, anxiety and behavioural issues, you're in the right place. If positive reinforcement and practical solution-based advice doesn't seem to be working for your students, this seminar will give you the missing puzzle piece you've been looking for.

THRIVE Education Professional Development shows you what is driving your students' depression, anxiety and disengaging behaviours and gives you simple, practical mindfulness techniques and tools you can use in the classroom to help them re-engage and improve their mental health.

It can feel intense and overwhelming for our teachers who are trying to deal with multiple behaviours from challenging students day in and day out. Understanding what's lying under the surface of their students' day-to-day problems and learning evidence-based advanced mindfulness techniques will change the dynamic of the classroom and improve the learning environment for both teachers and students.

In March 2021, the royal commission found Victoria's mental health system "had indeed failed and has been failing for decades." For a long time our mental health system has focused primarily on cognitive-based therapies yet new research on trauma shows the distress of our students is in the body. This seminar introduces you to practical body or somatic-based techniques your students can use to feel comfortable in their own skin and simple ways you can support them through their mental challenges and emotional turbulence.


"This seminar showed me there are other options to counselling for our students. I can see it's okay for students to feel their feelings and with these techniques it's achievable for them." - Kerrieanne Hocking, Golden Square Primary School

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With the right tools your teachers can develop better relationships with their students, re-engage students with their learning and their students' mental health can improve.

My name is Bronte Spicer and I am a Teacher, Mindfulness Specialist and Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator. I teach adults and children how to unhook from their negative sense of self and painful memories using somatic-based advanced mindfulness techniques so they can improve their mental health. I had depression from the age of fourteen years and after twenty-two years of cognitive-based therapy I dissolved it using some of the techniques you will learn in this seminar. I am an award-winner author at Elephant Journal, author of celebrated collaboration More Than a Mum and my new book It's Okay to Cry will be released in Mental Health Awareness Week in October 2021. Check out my podcast It's Okay to Cry to learn more or find me on social media.

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Please contact Bronte Spicer at or 0478927896 to discuss or book this seminar for your teaching staff.