The SOUL Method

While observing the women I worked with, I realised their biggest struggle was trusting their intuition and brilliant ideas they were receiving to make the positive impact they dreamt of. This encouraged me to form the SOUL Method. The SOUL Method is a framework to move out of constantly worrying and doubting yourself, to build a strong abundance mindset, return to the infinite possibility that you are, receive clear steps from the universe and practice courage to leap with faith and take solid action towards your dreams as an entrepreneur. Students of the Soul Worker Academy learn to apply this throughout their life and business as Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

The SOUL Method is comprised of four elements:

S – See the Truth
O – Open and Expand
U – Unite With Consciousness
L – Leap With Faith.


See the Truth

When you’re in alignment with your soul, you see the truth; your soul is a part of the collective consciousness and all that is, you are infinite possibility and can create what you desire. Yet when your reality is swayed by the ego’s fear-based thinking, you are living within the illusion of fear. Maybe you haven’t started your business because you feel you don’t know enough, despite having undergone study at great lengths or even had professional experience in your proposed field. Perhaps you can’t see past all the things that could go wrong with your business or you might doubt you can make a good income from what you really want to do. These are all fears from your ego and not the voice of your soul. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and the truth is that you are qualified enough, things will go right and you can make a good income from the work you yearn to pursue. By unraveling each layer of resistance or limitation encasing your soul, you allow more of your potential to birth into your world. As you begin to implement techniques like meditation, journaling and affirming on a daily basis you can realign with your soul and see the truth in every situation. The commitment you show when dedicating yourself to a daily sacred practice offers trust in the universe and courage like no other to act upon the ideas and guidance you receive.


Open and Expand

You have an energetic body, as well as a physical body, which acts as a gateway to connect with your infinite potential. If you have practiced yoga or had a Reiki treatment, you’re likely to be aware of the chakric system. Each chakra, or spinning wheel of energy creates flow, offering balance and vitality in the body, mind and soul. Learning to channel fresh, new energy into your body offers you the opportunity to channel your desires. The soulful business that you crave, the income that you dream of, the inspiring work that you envision yourself doing and the impact you see yourself making all emit a particular vibration. As you look after your energetic body through energy-healing, meditation and other energy work, you can attract the vibration of your dream business and it inevitably manifests into form. Now, the universe will not hand you your dreams on a platter without commitment and action. Yet, energy work is a powerful tool to build your belief mindset and trust in your path to your life as a successful entrepreneur. Experiencing the expansive nature of your energy field quickly reminds you there is more than the physical world you live in, there is more at play than what the eye can see, you are unlimited potential and your dream business is possible.


Unite with Consciousness

When you unite with the collective consciousness you have the delectable experience of connecting to your soul guidance and receiving your next action step to take towards your dreams. Your soul guidance is the team of spiritual beings that have been assigned to you in this lifetime to help you fulfill your soul purpose. They might include guides, angels, ascended masters, animal spirit guides, gods, goddesses, deities and fairies. Infusing automatic journaling, card readings, prayer and meditation into your sacred practice develops your four intuitive abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience. These help you receive clear messages and learn to trust the guidance enough to follow through with action. Intuitive messages from your soul guidance can come in various forms for your business such as synchronicities, recurring numbers, new ideas or symbolic dreams at night. Learning how to receive clear messages from the universe can be a powerful tool as an entrepreneur because you are always making decisions. When you are tuned into your soul you can learn to choose from love rather than fear. Your soul guidance always guides you back to love and will support you on your path to your highest visions as a Soul Worker.


Leap with Faith

When you take the plunge to leap with faith you are practicing full trust in the universe that it is safe for you to implement the action you’ve been guided to take. Perhaps you’re getting the call to speak at a local community event, apply to be a guest on a podcast or become a published writer. The Academy students are guided to take action within what I refer to as the ‘Magic Zone’ and this is crucial to creating your dreams and desires. In order for magic to happen, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Concurrently, it’s important that you don’t push yourself too far beyond your limits that you shut down. You need to take action that excites you and brings nerves along with it too. You also need to take action that gives you enough space to manage the fears that arise with it. If you choose an action that is far greater than you can handle, you will bypass magic and enter overwhelm. Your role as a Soul Worker is to remain curious enough to observe how far love will take you, implement your action steps and let go of the outcome. Surrender to the divine nature of the universe and maintain faith that your guidance has heard your desires. Sometimes what you receive is just as you’d envisioned and other times it’s a blessing in disguise. A Soul Worker practices trust that they are exactly where they need to be and everything is in divine order.

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