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We can get very stuck in our approach to dimensions if we’re just looking at 3D and 5D. There’s a whole lot more available to us when we look. Most of you will have experienced something beyond 3D during your healing sessions, meditations and energy work and some of those experiences may have been beyond 5D.

When you see/sense/feel multiple worlds here at once, when you see timelines or lived experiences overlapping each other or side-by-side, or you’re watching a reel of flashing events, you are accessing higher-dimensional consciousness.

When you’re in this dimensional state, travelling to different parts of the world and different parts of the galaxy can be instantaneous and these locations can be very easy to access without a long meditation. Past lives aren’t ‘past’ anymore, there’s no difference between the past or future and everything is all simultaneously happening now. You might feel like worlds or realms that seemed ages away or hard to find are here right before your eyes. Maybe you see glimpses of different worlds showing you ‘new’ light beings that you’ve never seen before. When this kind of thing is happening, you’re expanding your consciousness beyond 5D.

When everyone started talking about the shift from 3D to 5D in 2018-2019, this static, rigid and limited viewpoint never sat well with me. The way I saw it was that we move between dimensions like we’re on a sliding scale from 3D to 6D to 4D to 9D.

It’s not like we are taking one giant leap to 5D and then we stay there. We are in and out of different dimensions all of the time. More recently, my sliding scale analogy doesn’t feel aligned for me anymore. It feels too linear to describe our movement through consciousness on a scale and what feels more resonant is an image of the opening and unfurling of the heart. The more the heart opens and unfurls, the more our consciousness expands and the more knowledge, worlds/realms, realities, timelines, light and intelligence is and are available to us. And not to forget that we are human and we fall into fear and our hearts contract regularly… which is as loveable as the expansive heart.

So I invite you to avoid limiting yourself in the 3D/5D conversation. Know that much more is available to you if you sit in meditation and just let yourself watch the show. That means to let go of the ego’s need to see something intuitively mind blowing. Just let yourself rest in watching and allow what wants to come, come to you. What do you think? How does this feel? How do you feel about the 3D/5D conversation? Join me in a further exploration: https://www.brontespicer.com/lightintelligence/

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