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One in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year.

Our youth need to be equipped with basic skills to manage their negative sense of self and feel safe with intense emotions.

Latest research from leading trauma specialists like Gabor Mate and Bessel Van Kolk shows somatic awareness or body-based therapies are helping people to recover from trauma.

THRIVE teaches a set of advanced mindfulness techniques called the Kiloby Inquiries that have helped thousands of people manage and overcome mental illness all around the world.

This eight-week program shows your students how to apply mindfulness techniques to their negative thoughts and painful memories so they can unhook from their negative sense of self and improve their mental health.

Students learn how to safely feel their feelings and learn basic skills to watch their emotions process naturally so they don't have to suppress them with addictions, inauthentic communication or unhelpful behaviours.

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The Program


    Learn about the Kiloby Inquiries and hear Bronte Spicer's real story of overcoming depression.


    Try natural rest, a simple mindfulness technique that is available to anyone, anywhere. 


    Identify the negative sense of self using the Velcro Effect, Deficiency Stories and Boomerang.


    Learn what to do with negative self-talk.  


    Develop emotional intelligence, somatic awareness and sense of safety in the body. 


    Learn techniques to process trauma and difficult memories.

The first week of the program is designed for a whole class to attend and learn the basics to identifying their own negative sense of self and feeling safe feeling their feelings. The remaining weeks are designed to support a small group of students who are struggling with their mental health. Within each two-hour weekly session, both small focus groups and one-on-one facilitated sessions are provided. This is a practical program to empower your students with fundamental skills to manage and improve their mental health.

Call Bronte Spicer on 0478927896 or email her at to talk about how this might look in your school or to book THRIVE.