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Kiloby Inquiries Staff Wellbeing is brand new professional development for your staff to to improve their mental health and general wellbeing.

With a bottom-up approach your staff will be able to identify what drives their workplace overwhelm and stress and learn practical and effective tools to process their own work-related issues, negative self-talk and personal problems that might be feeding into their work.

This seminar teaches the Kiloby Inquiries (KI) which is a set of applied mindfulness techniques supported by the latest evidence on the relationship between trauma and the body and has improved the mental health of thousands of individuals right across the world.

Whether it is managing difficult behaviours in the classroom, having confronting conversations at parent-teacher interviews or tackling report-writing time, your staff will walk away from this seminar with a direct, practical approach to processing their own emotions, managing everyday triggers and reducing stress.

Kiloby Inquiries Staff Wellbeing will help your staff to:

  • Be emotionally available for their students
  • Positively collaborate with their colleagues
  • Find ways to switch off from work and refresh the mind
  • Avoid stress and burning out and build focus and productivity
  • Increase empathy and compassion for themselves and others
  • Develop more meaningful relationships within the school community
  • Manage student behavior with a sense of presence, calm and clarity
  • Meet report writing timelines with ease
  • Solve professional issues with respect, initiative and innovation
  • Increase their sense of fulfillment, work satisfaction and success.

The Program


    Learn about the Kiloby Inquiries, applied mindfulness, the new findings on trauma and the body and how this can support professional performance for staff in schools.


    Try natural rest, a simple mindfulness technique that is available to anyone, anywhere to calm the mind, relax the body, regulate the nervous system and prepare staff to listen to and be emotional available for students.


    Identify the root drivers of challenging school issues using the Velcro Effect, Deficiency Stories and the Boomerang and recognise when an issue at school stems from a negative sense of self and core deficiency stories.


    Practice Simple Enquiry, Mining, Utility Enquiry and Reverse Enquiry to process thoughts and emotions related to a current challenge and/or past traumatic events.


    Develop emotional intelligence, practice somatic awareness and experience body intelligence for emotional regulation for self, students and colleagues.


    One-on-one KI sessions available for staff seeking further support to improve their mental health at an additional cost.

School staff are passionate about creating a positive difference in children's lives and Kiloby Inquiries Staff Wellbeing is a vital program to support them in their endeavour.

This seminar is delivered in one day, two half days or eight one-hour sessions over one term. You can select the format that is most suitable to your school timetable.

Book TISW for your school and receive free access to BEYOND BELIEF, an online self-paced course for all staff who are looking for additional support to develop their own KI practice and improve their mental health.

Call Bronte Spicer on 0478927896 or email her at to discuss a package for your school.