Earth Star Medicine Academy is a sacred online learning centre for light bringers and way showers to live in unity consciousness.

Here, you can learn, study and develop your understanding in heart awakening, light intelligence and sacred leadership.

Gone are the days where we have to pretend we have got it altogether. We are stepping onto new ground where our failures, pain and discomfort are the golden nuggets we’re seeking.

Gone are the days where we lead from fear, lack and fixing others. We are embracing our vulnerability, being more present and on the ground deepening our connection to ourselves and each other.

Gone are the days where we see ourselves as separate, small, blocked and stuck. We are being shown that we are it, we are that and the light intelligence we’ve been seeking is already here.

If you’re feeling the call to learn about prosperity and unity consciousness, hold your own circles and retreats, channel light codes and light language, dissolve your stories of deficiency and lack, and if you want to feel peaceful and free as you offer this powerful work of yours to the world then this is your place.