Go beyond your beliefs. 

To unhook your wild, free spirit from the caging stories in your mind.

Master the Kiloby Inquiries or KI techniques and do the most powerful inner work.


To feel free the mind, you've got to do the work.

And if you want to do the work, you're in the perfect place.

In Beyond Belief Mastermind, we are showing up.


To dissolve the stories, clear painful memories and have the baggage in the body fall away. 

So we are clean slates.

Blank canvases.

So we are free from being anyone in the world.

There is no shoulding.

There is no achieving to prove ourselves to anyone.

We are free from 'I'm not good enough.'

We are wide open hearts and divine spirit itself with a body to shake things up, a mind to direct our intuitive commands and a voice to lead us into the new world.

We're choosing self-mastery. 

No more oh well, ho hum, this is the way it is.

Each time we sit and do KI, we are injecting life, love and desire into our lives and the world around us.

We're not pulled into drama. 

We see things clearly.

In Beyond Belief Mastermind we are uplevelling in a big way. 

It's not just a course.

It's not just a Facebook group.

It's not just a mastermind.

It's a powerful playground for wild and rapid transformation. 

We play with sacred leadership and growing our message and life's work.

We bathe in light language activations to receive the powerful energetic upgrades. We download intuitive cheer leading to remind us we are pure magic!

We dissolve the stories, clear the body of its heaviness and anxiety and become a blank slate to be powerful leaders in the world.

We are here for a reason. 

And we're here to create big things.

We're not here to play small.

We play big. 

And we do it from an expanded heart, a free and pleasurable body and a clear mind.

This is where we do the work so we can shine with strong anchored foundations and a deep knowing of what we truly are. Together, we are a powerful presence in the world. Leaving peace, harmony and love on the planet inevitable.


Gifts You Will Receive


    Learn the full set of the most powerful inner work tools you'll find (valued at $397)

  • Fortnightly Group Mentoring, Sacred Circle and Energy Activations

    To keep you showing up and be inspired by an incredible group of inspiring leaders

  • Weekly FB Q and A Lives

    To master the work you're doing within and create the outer world you want

  • Option to Receive Fortnightly On-on-One KI Sessions

    To fast-track your growth and see yourself with a whole new set of eyes

The One-on-One Kiloby Inquiries sessions are where it's really at.

Having a facilitator guide you through the techniques will have you unhook from your strongest stories and beliefs. I am booked out until further notice which is why I have a beautiful team of Kiloby Inquiries Facilitators ready to support you. If you want to clear out core wounds from the body and mind sign up to BEYOND BELIEF MASTERMIND AND 2 X 1:1 SESSIONS/MONTH to receive two fortnightly sessions per month with Sumitra Burton.

Sumitra lives on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. She has four grown children and six grandchildren. She lived and worked in a yoga retreat community in California for many years, and has taught yoga, meditation and Compassionate Communication along with the tools of the Kiloby Inquiries. Her experiences as a single mother have gradually brought an awareness of inner strength and peace as she is able to accept life's experiences more easily, just as they show up, moment by moment.

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“I have sat with countless therapists and practitioners over the years in an attempt to heal early trauma, so it was a surprise when I had my first session with Sumitra to discover that I had not experienced someone holding a space of 100% acceptance for me before.  Sumitra held the most loving, gentle and accepting space; and rapidly became a role model for me so that I could learn to do that for myself.  Sumitra is a very skilled facilitator – she drops the perfect question in when needed to help me open to my experience" ~ J.

“Our facilitation was like no other experience I have had with facilitation in that Sumitra was just present for me. She witnessed, she held such a deep space and guided me through a self facilitation process intertwined with the living inquiry principles, so that I was able to see that the pain and sadness I felt were OK. She sat with me while I wept and it was one of the most cleansing experiences of my life.” ~ A.